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Daylight Modeling/Simulation
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Daylighting is the art and science of managing natural light to minimize the use of artificial lighting, reduce carbon emissions, and positively affect the performance, mood and well being of occupants of any space. Designing, predicting, and planning for the impact of daylighting in a space is often misunderstood. Daylight modeling removes the design mystery and reveals the determination of daylight on any building. Click on the video to the right for a brief overview of the possibilities of Daylight Modeling.

Architects around the world are taking advantage of our service to demonstrate the impact of their daylighting design options. Now you can see how the most highly insulating, diffuse-light-transmitting technology in the world achieves the ultimate in balanced, glare-free, Museum-quality DaylightingTM. Our service helps to document your contributions to Carbon Zero and LEED® objectives.

Music by Kevin MacLeod

We are eager to partner with your team and offer this revolutionary service as a legacy of Kalwall's commitment to continuing our leadership role in the advancement of daylighting.

Translucent Daylighting Skylight

Architect: Fanning Howey; Photo: Bill Lempke

Translucent Daylighting Walls

Architect: DLR Group; Photo: James Steinkamp

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